Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Mother of an update!!

In my last post (in Januray) I said I was going to post more often. Well that didn't happen but I do have a good excuse...full time grad school and full time student teaching!

My first semester went great. I was placed in a 2nd/3rd grade combo class and fell in love with the kids and teaching immediately. I learned much more than I ever imagined I would and I feel less prepared now to teach than I did before. There is bliss in personal ignorance. =0)

This is a picture of a "field trip" that we took with two of our professors. I have really grown to love my cohort. Each one is going to make such an incredible teacher!
This is a picture of the girls in my class. We were going to the ballet to see Cinderella so they dressed up.
MacArthur Elementary School

The spring semester ended and I had 3 weeks off before the summer semester started. I have 3 days left of summer and I am so happy it's almost over. It has been an incredible mountain of work but I am proud to say I climbed and conquered. lol

My program, which was a partnership between APS and UNM, was cancelled due to the budget crisis. I'm still trying to track down the Super Intendant's address because he deserves to be toilette papered! (That's as extreme as my terrorist tactics get) So instead of teaching my internship year this fall I'll be working part time and in school full time. The idea is that we will all be fully certified at the end of December which could pottentially offer us an opportunity to find a job in January. I'm not sure how realistic that is, but one never knows. I will be finishing my masters thesis in the Spring semester and graduate in May. I have been lucky enough to get a job working for an awesome Orthodontist in my ward so that I can make a little bit of money to supplement the stipend that was lost when our program was cancelled.

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jewels said...

You will make an amazing teacher. Way to go after your dreams.