Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Egg Literacy Centers

I got this idea from several amazing teaching blogs including this one and this one.  

I just bought some plastic eggs and used a sharpie to write a word on the egg. 
I then laminated a list of coresponding rhyming words and cut them out. You can find the words here. (If you want to do this with your kids at home you don't need to laminate them. You could have the kids cut the words out themselves). 

I used the activity today as part of the grammar rotation during centers.  I had the students open the eggs and dump out the words. Then I had them stand the eggs up half-open (if that makes sense) and sort the corresponding words.  Lastly I had them write all the words on a plain piece of paper.  It took second graders between 10 to 20 minutes to complete one bag of eggs.

  I saw some creative ideas such as using an egg carton to store the eggs but I decided on zip locks.  That way I can hand each child three or four at a time and it's all self contained.  

Painting a Rainbow

Spring is in full bloom here in Albuquerque! 
 Inspired by all the pollen in the air (allergies have hit hard) we did this great activity.  I love to tie literacy to art projects and I have been so fortunate to have so many great ideas modeled for me in the CDP program.  
This idea came from Evelyn Turney at Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary.
The Book is: 

The kids really love the colors of this book and they were really inspired to draw their own flower rainbows.

Here is the wonderful art they made: 

I decided to put them up in the hall for everyone to enjoy.  It's like our own little garden.

*NOTICE: I have explicit permission to use the images of my students that you see in my blog.