Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting pretty!!!

I’m so excited to finally have my guest room to a state where someone can actually stay.  And as you can see from some of the pictures...someone is already staying.  My friends Maya and Jason are here to visit me and I couldn’t be happier. It is so great to have visitors. 
I thought that if I make this room as appealing and lovely looking as possible I might have more visitors coming for a stay.  Think of it as a lovely bed and breakfast with all your meals included and internet in your room. Best part of’s FREE!  So come visit.  I miss you all!

This is still the beginning. I want to paint the wall behind the computer a light pink and I have some cute pictures I’m going to hang.  I also want to create a really cute corkboard so if you have any ideas please let me know. I’m still debating on the curtains.  I bought white ones that I think would be better but I need to seam them first.  I also need to find two night stands but I would like something antique and not match-y match-y if possible.

But it’s ready for now so PLEASE come and visit soon! 

This is actually a dressing table but it works perfectly as a desk. I also think I want a white chair instead. 

Hard to see the Armoire really well but I love it!

Isn't this spread adorable?  IKEA has quite a few pink and flower inspired duvet covers right now.  How exciting!!

Just a little touch of the pink on the desk. =0)

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McEntire Family said...

So fun! And oh, how I'd love to stay in that guest room - that would mean I was in Switzerland! :)