Monday, October 10, 2011

Swiss Adventures

Life has finally calmed to a steady pace and the daily routines are set.  The whirlwind has settled and I am finding time to sit and reflect on my brand new life.  I can report that...I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

Simone in front of Louis Heaven!!
I arrived in Switzerland at the end of July and had two wonderful weeks with my mom and Simone.  We even took a little trip to Paris to celebrate Simone's birthday in style.  My impression of Paris was very mixed.  The history and the beauty of the tourist attractions in Paris are undeniable.  I did, however, get the impression that with all the attention and money spent on the  maintenance of such historical monuments, little was left for the everyday clean up that should be taking place.  It was an experience in beauty and ugliness all at once. I think the few days I had spent in Switzerland before I got to Paris had already upped the ante so to speak.  The first thing you might notice about Switzerland is the incredible cleanliness.  Much time and money is spent making everything nice and clean.  Aside from the lack of garbage cans I found Paris to be enchanting, full of history and Louis Vuitton.  Any city with a Louis heaven is alright by me.
 Even if Simone and I were kindly asked not to touch the merchandise and were followed around like a couple of burglars.  =0)

My second home for the first month. =0)

After coming back from Paris we busied ourselves with the task of moving into the apartment.  So much had to be done and it included lots and lots of shopping. I was so grateful to have Mom here to help me.  I was so fortunate to have Aunts and Uncles that had lots of things to give me.  I had a pretty well stocked kitchen after just a few days.  I inherited beautiful dishes and vases and pots and pans.  And the best part was that none had been used.  It was like Christmas in August!  A few days later I went to the airport with Mom and Simone and said goodbye.  It was a difficult goodbye and there were lots of tears. My sweet Simone had written me a wonderful goodbye letter and I just wanted to hold her a little while longer.

Being on my own has its tough moments but I feel close to my family even if we are thousands of miles apart.  The most difficult part is not being there when the girls need me.  I have been so blessed to have these amazing girls in my life and I love them more than they could ever know.


Laurel said...

So good to catch up on Pammy!

McEntire Family said...

So glad life is great for you!