Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finished a painting

I started this painting about a month ago and I think it's finally finished. I have very mixed feelings about it. Some days I love it, other times not so much.
Christine thinks it's great so I might just have a graduation present for her after all.
For now the painting resides over the fireplace although it is really out of place there.

This is the new painting I started. =0) Hopefully it will turn into something amazing. But even if not, I get such stress relief and pleasure from painting that the rewards to me are so worth it.


jewels said...

I love it. You are a fantastic painter. Way to go!

Susan said...

I didn't even know you painted! I think it's gorgeous - I love the bright, happy colors.

Brenna LaPray said...

I had no idea that you could paint so well. I love it! It does look like good stress relief, especially by the pool. Good work!