Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing but love, love, love...

On Friday some of the girls from work got together to make some yummy little Candy Heart Cakes. I was inspired once again by Martha Stewart and spent all morning baking red velvet cake. It was more work than I had anticipated and next year I am buying a box cake mix. =0)

We had a great time putting the cakes together and decorating them for our special someone.

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday and I can never get enough of all that pink and red. I had an incredible day including dinner at an unbelievable Indian Restaurant with my special love.

Stacy's niece...I think her name is Ella. She is so adorable. I wanted to play with her the whole time but was busy making frosting and directing cake decorations. Hope to play with her again soon.

Kaylen and her daughter Ali
Ashley and I and Stacy's niece

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Susan said...

Okay, I kept wondering why the girl in the last photo looked so familiar. Stacy, I think?? She was Heather's substitute dance teacher while the regular instructor was pregnant and sick. Small world!